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Welcome to Village Connect India

The vision that drove Village Connect India to creat  largest farmer collective in Telugu states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. Village Connect India  began with the mission to ensure that the small and marginal farmers and village producers of both the States are to get good price for their produce as well as to provide the consumers to get Natural and Quality Agriculture produce with competitively better prices. Village Connect India  will ensure that farmers and village producers gets all the quality inputs at lesser price  and will ensure to deliver hygienic, safe and healthy food to our consumers.

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Infrastructure & Technology


We always try to maintain the traditional infrastructure of our farmers, village producers and artisans. We are committed to introduce the same to our consumers. We are also committed to establish a healthy supply chain from farmer to consumer which facilitates the farmers the best price.


We are using the advanced technology in Agricultural marketing comprises all operations involved i.e., collecting, grading, processing, preserving and transportation in the movement of farm produce from the producer to the ultimate consumer as well as the farmers gets the latest updates on innovative agriculture practices.